About the Restaurant

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Welcome to Maestrale Restaurant, a delightful culinary journey that celebrates the rich flavors of Italy. Our story began over 50 years ago in Puglia, Italy, and we've been sharing the authentic taste of Italian cuisine ever since.

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Join us on a gastronomic journey that tells the story of Puglia and beyond, creating an unforgettable dining experience, right here in the heart of Florida. Welcome to Maestrale, where you'll discover the true taste of Italy.

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Our Family

Maestrale Restaurant in Sarasota embodies the enduring spirit of family and their Italian heritage, offering culinary excellence and warm hospitality. Each dish reflects the love and tradition passed down through generations, inviting guests to share in the heartfelt journey of creating lasting memories. Maestrale is not just a restaurant but a home away from home, where Italian hospitality embraces all who visit.

Alfredo and Alessandro